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Cisco & the 2016 Rio Olympic Games

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The Opportunity

As part of their sponsorship of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Cisco had eight spots in the Olympic Torch Relay to use at their discretion.

The desire from the Cisco Global Sponsorship team was to utilize the spots to generate excitement and pride among Cisco global employees, and reward them for their amazing work. Cisco was open to new, different and impactful ideas for the Torch Relay. They pressed MVT for our input and we spoke up.

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The Solution

Our team came up with a creative way to meet the challenge while meeting Cisco’s objectives. We hosted a competition among global Cisco employees for the honor of carrying the Olympic Torch. Winners were selected based on how well they personally embodied both the Olympic motto, Higher Faster, Stronger and Cisco’s corporate employee manifesto, Our People Deal, in their daily lives.

The scope of the project evolved over time though the original task was to manage the contest through selection of the eight Olympic Torch Bearers. When we saw how successful the contest was and the depth of amazing employees stories that came in as a result, we knew we had to develop a more robust storytelling campaign to showcase the tremendous employees who make Cisco such a remarkable company.

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The Results

From the hundreds of entries received, we created 22 videos and 40 written articles (in two languages), countless images/visuals and ultimately priceless memories for the winners. This was regarded as one of the most successful programs of the Rio 2016 sponsorship and it resonated with executives and employees globally on a meaningful, personal level.

The Cisco Global Sponsorships team was thrilled with the results and the program showcased our ability to put forth a great idea, execute it, and create an impactful storytelling campaign around it.

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