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FILA Tennis

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The Opportunity

When MVT became FILA’s agency of record in the tennis category in early 2018, the brand was on the brink of debuting their most successful tennis performance shoe to date – the Axilus Energized – and in the midst of a massive explosion in the apparel and footwear marketplace as a whole.

Our team was tasked with integrating seemingly disparate objectives and goals into a cohesive brand story for FILA Tennis, and bringing it to life through social media.

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The Solution

With a strong understanding of the social media landscape and unparalleled experience in the tennis world, MVT became the primary managers of the FILA Tennis social platforms (Instagram and Twitter), responsible for day-to-day planning, execution and strategy across the accounts. With a stated goal of reaching a younger demographic of tennis fans, the team focused on creating a consistent, relatable tone and voice, as well as a more consistent cadence for posting on the channels. Posts became more intentional and less reactionary, focused on elevating the brand and its products to drive increased brand awareness and sales.

With sights set on introducing a younger demographic to FILA’s timeless apparel and footwear offerings, MVT successfully launched and executed a junior influencer program, which hand-selected 25 lucky junior tennis players from across the country to showcase the brand’s heritage in the sport. While still leveraging the success of FILA’s sponsored player roster, the channels pivoted from acting as a source for tennis news towards a strategic outlet to tell FILA’s unique brand story in tennis. The results speak for themselves.

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The Results

Since taking over management of the FILA Tennis Twitter and Instagram accounts full-time in March 2018, the platforms have seen exponential growth in terms of followers and engagement. Instagram following saw a 100 percent increase, while Twitter followers have increased more than 20 percent.

FILA now has a group of rising brand evangelists organically promoting the brand on social media, showcasing the apparel and footwear they receive on a monthly basis. Overall the channels see much more robust engagement from the global audience of followers, while remaining true to the rich heritage of FILA Tennis and allowing it to inspire the future generations.

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