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Chicago Cycleboats

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The Opportunity

In the Spring of 2018, MVT was approached with a unique opportunity to work with a successful, local boating company looking to launch a new and innovative experience – the Chicago Cycleboat. With years of success entertaining locals, tourists and adventurers alike through its state-of-the-art social boating experience, the company was looking to expand its offerings into uncharted territory after it purchased what would become the first-ever pedal-powered aquatic vessel to coast the Chicago River.

MVT was tasked with bringing the new concept to market in one of the country’s busiest cities. With so much to do and so much to see, especially around the Chicago Riverwalk, the task was no small one. The goal: launch the product, inform the population of the unique new offering and get people’s butts in the 14-seat vessel early and often in order to be the summer activity of 2018.

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The Solution

MVT’s approach to the unique opportunity was twofold. First, our champions in public relations identified key stakeholders to pitch the idea to in the crowded Chicago media market, positioning the new offering as the perfect Summertime activity for a variety of audiences. Whether you were booking a bachelorette party, having a company work outing, or simply looking to enjoy a Summer night on the river with the family, the Chicago Cycleboat experience was a must try.

The second part of our strategy included leveraging paid social media to get the word out, targeting specific audiences with the goal of producing direct bookings and immediately impacting the business’ bottom line. Operating on a small paid budget, MVT provided a robust content roadmap that not only helped Chicago Cycleboats make an immediate splash (pun intended) but also set the organization up for continued success in promoting their new product.

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The Results

The proof is in the pudding; through MVT’s aggressive pitching to local media and strategic paid social media efforts, the first pedal-powered water vehicle in Illinois was successfully launched on the Chicago River May 17, 2018.

MVT was able to secure placements in respected Chicago-based media publications such as Crain’s Chicago and the Chicago Tribune, as well as land hits on local TV stations including WCIU-TV and ABC 7. The coverage in the Chicagoland area catapulted efforts on getting the word out about the Chicago Riverwalk’s newest social activity. Social media played a large role in the launch of the Cycleboat, with targeted posts yielding over 200 direct bookings and a six-figure revenue stream for the company in just the first two months.

Beyond the hard numbers, MVT helped position Cycleboats for future success – so much so, that in the Fall of 2018, the company decided to invest in and purchase a second Cycleboat to add to its already impressive inventory of aquatic vessels.

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