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BNP Paribas Open

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The Problem

Each year, the BNP Paribas Open, one of the world’s largest combined men’s and women’s professional tennis tournaments, has a limited window to promote the event using the highest profile stars in tennis. Finding the right timing, concept, and ensuring feasible execution presents an annual challenge, but the client continues to return to us, year after year, for creative ideas.

The Tournament is always looking to hit on a number of objectives ranging from being a value add for sponsors, driving exposure and awareness for the event and its broadcast, and also being a revenue generator through ticket sales. The client is typically budget restricted, but still looking to drive significant reach and exposure.

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The Solution

Inspired by the efforts made in the sports world to spotlight kids and athletes, we adapted the concept for the tennis world. The idea of hosting a “kids” press conference not only highlighted the personality of the athlete but added an element of humor to an ordinarily serious setting.

Not only did we get the public school district on board, but we also put an educational spin on the program by creating “homework” with curated questions and topics in order to prepare the kids for the event. We then engaged the ATP World Tour and the WTA and secured the best players possible, including the legendary Roger Federer. Finally, we employed our tournament content teams and simply let the magic happen.

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The Result

The Roger Federer Kids Press Conference video saw 1.1M organic views on Facebook, 112K views on Youtube and 5.7K views on Instagram in addition to traditional coverage on Sport Illustrated, ESPN, Tennis Channel and the tweets of numerous tennis writers. Ultimately, the video went viral without any paid promotion. The measurable results are undeniable.

The client was “over the moon” while sponsors and others commented that the video captured the essence of the tournament: it engaged the best players and created memorable moments that last well beyond the event.

This tournament is a continual showcase for our creative ideas. We believe the best ideas win and know that the flawless execution sets us apart.

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